Founded in 2002, All About Parts is a Wholesale Specialist Company with Sales Representatives providing professional services to improve communications, performance, and strengthen relationships between your company and subordinates.
Our Approach:
     We propose to work with you to help you achieve management's goals of developing more effective wholesale business. More specifically, we believe that the following method should be effective in producing stronger customer relations, as the wholesale parts business changes to high tech followed with our high touch sales representatives.
Our Company:
     To accomplish your objectives, our engagement team of experienced wholesale specialists is the critical, and most distinguishing factor in our ability to provide high quality services. All About Parts differs from other wholesale specialist representative companies for these main reasons:
One year experience as Assistant Manager for Advance Auto Parts in Greenville, South Carolina.
Two years experience at Greenville Automotive in Greenville, South Carolina, as a parts counter person. Specifically dealing with wholesale customers and their needs and concerns of their business.
Five years experience as Wholesale Specialist for the Superior Dealer Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a position that I created for this company.
Developed a professional working relationship with over 1,000 independent repair shops, body shops, commercial businesses, and municipalities.
A professional staff committed to providing responsive and cost effective service.